ME/CFS Diagnosis and Management is made in Australian General Practice settings. Diagnosis is based on a detailed history, standardised clinical diagnostic criteria, questionnaires and tests to exclude other conditions or causes of fatigue.

ME/CFS involves multiple primary and secondary symptoms that need to be investigated in a standardised systematic, stepwise process.

Diagnosis thus takes several visits to your doctor, and relies on you providing accurate information of your history, all your symptoms and changes (it is useful to keep a diary and records of your symptoms, energy, and activity levels).

There is no single diagnostic test, but there are clear diagnostic criteria.

Diagnosis is made clinically in General Practice settings by:

  • A Detailed History – long and short term (it is useful to explore possible triggers and causes)
  • All your symptoms and how severe they are
  • Tests to exclude other illnesses that may cause those symptoms
  • Standardised clinical diagnostic criteria (Australian version coming soon)

For more information on the diagnostic process, recommended tests and symptom tables, see the International Primer or contact