Bridges and Pathways Volunteer Positions 28.06.2017

Bridges and Pathways is an agency run by volunteers working together on behalf of patients with

chronic complex conditions. We currently have a number of positions available.

1. Administrator / Assistant Program Coordinator

To provide administrative assistance and support to individuals and families with chronic

conditions. Participating in work re-entry and job skills demonstrations tailored to your needs.

Experience in health and community is an advantage.

2. Letter Writer for inter-agency health and community organisation communications

We are looking for someone who can tell our story and respond to letter and email

communications each week. The job will be to summarise information into 1-2 pages. Letters

should be interesting and readable for an innovative new charity working to establish new

health services, promote research, and change the lives of young people with chronic


3. Membership Coordinator

An experienced person to coordinate our community groups, respond to emails and client

requests, maintain volunteer members and group databases. We need a reliable person to

maintain the Excel database accurately and provide written responses by letter or email.

4. Experienced Administrator / Office Coordinator / Database manager (several

Administrator/s of different levels to work in an active team of volunteers maintaining

databases of clients and services provided, preparing projects submissions and reports,

maintaining a busy office / community centre and answering emails using standard email

responses etc.

5. Experienced Grant Writer, Sponsorship and Fundraiser

Experienced Grant Writer who understands health and community services to adapt and

fine-tune master projects, grant applications and sponsorship letters to specific funders and

potential sponsors (multiple).

6. Marketing, Promotions & Fundraising

Marketing, promotions and fundraising for an innovative charity working to support clients.

Activities include updating marketing plans, mapping possibilities, developing promotional

materials, crowd funding, recruiting patients etc.

If you are interested in any of the above position please enter your details below and upload your resume.

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