Trained Peer Workers and Self-Management Program Leaders are core to the new Chronic Disease Management Initiatives in Australian Practice Settings.

People who have experience of a chronic condition are better equipped to draw on their knowledge and life skills to provide accredited educational programs, mentoring, information and support; in order to help other people live more effectively with their condition, and work in partnership with their providers. With appropriate training, people who live with ME/CFS become skilled managers and are able to become effective peer workers. ME/CFS Peer Leader Management Programs focus on providing:

  • accurate information on ME/CFS and available treatments
  • information on core management, pacing, reducing stress, planning short and long term goals, and monitoring
  • positive group interactions
  • an emphasis on health education and goal setting
  • empowering participants with the skills to manage their chronic disease effectively

South Australian health organisations are working towards the accreditation of peer workers through certification for Certificate IV level training and practical work in community settings.

ME/CFS peer worker and self-management leader opportunities are available for people to participate in training and work programs. Peer work jobs are tailored to people’s interests and skills. They include:

  • mentoring people one-to-one
  • helping people record and monitor their symptoms and provide useful feedback to their providers
  • working in groups
  • facilitating at health centres
  • providing advocacy and referrals
  • becoming Self-Management Program Leaders
  • providing Internet and/or phone support
  • participating in program development and rollout
  • helping develop consumer fact sheets

If you would like to train as a Peer Worker or Health Educator, please contact us via Online Enquiry Form